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5 reasons to use our shared-time CFO services

  1. Save time to focus on your core business.
  2. Help you communicate better with your investors and shareholders.
  3. Improve forecasting capability and make informed management decisions.
  4. Optimize your accounting and financial processes
  5. Advice from a trusted and experienced partner.

Our services


  • Audit the existing processes
  • Analyse your needs in terms of financial management
  • Recommend improvements for greater efficiency in your organization
  • Set up a 5-year detailed Business plan with different assumptions.
  • Enable you to structure your financial information to better communicate with your investors and shareholders. 
  • Inform and train you on french innovation aids : CIR, CII, JEI
  • Build up strong supporting documentation
  • Support you for subsidy requests


Follow up on your business :

  •  Prepare an annual budget
  • Adjust it with monthly projections
  • Follow up Cash in and cash out within a dashboard
  • Implement a rolling cash forecast

Calculate your production costs for better control of your margins and profitability per product.


  • Implement a cost accounting system by project/product/service.
  • Organise budget processus
  • Consolidate budget data
  • Analyze Actual/Budget variations
  • Implement procedures and regular financial reporting.
  • Improve the accessibility and quality of financial data
  • Follow-up your business through appropriate KPIs and dashboards
  •  Set up appropriate management information system after audit
  • Writing down specifications and procedures
  • Project follow-up
  • In-house training
  • Skills transfer


  • Optimize Customers/ suppliers payments deadlines / stocks levels
  • Set up an efficient follow-up of customer payments
  • Implement financing solutions (ex : factoring contract)

Organise closing and reduce deadlines :

  • Plan tasks before and after closing
  • Adapt processes
  • Prepare cut-off & inventory operations
  • Follow-up progress of the schedule and adjust it

In charge of relations with your partners (banks, lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, investors, public bodies, etc.).