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About us

ApoG Consulting

ApoG Consulting supports SMEs in their operational andfinancial management in order to optimize their success.
 According to an INSEE* study, 50% of startups fail within 5 years of their creation. Poor financial management (cash flow, financial forecasting, etc.) is among the leading reasons for failure.
We have seen that early and consistent attention to careful financial management has helped our clients to achieve early success and avoid common mistakes. Our clients operate in a wide variety of very challenging and dynamic markets.  Innovation and adaptability are essential and we provide the financial management support required to anticipate and take advantage of changing requirements to achieve maximum success.

ApoG Consulting supports its clients by identifying and pragmatically addressing multiple challenges, as needed. We propose solutions which are customized for for your company, taking into account your   development status,  business model, market conditions and your company goals.


*INSEE = Institut National (français) de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques

Your consultant

Stéphanie Guilmeau

With a 5-year degree in accounting and management, she has more than 20 years of experience in companies which compete in  challenging global markets.

Her career began with 10 years of successful experience in various full time roles with  listed international companies (IMAJE, ZIMMER) where the financial function was essential: quick and accurate reporting, respect of deadlines (from D+30 to D+5 in a few months), implementation of procedures, as well as rapidly evolving information systems. She also participated in the implementation of an ERP in the European subsidiaries of IMAJE group as a financial expert in management information systems.

In 2008, she joined a young, innovative biotechnology company (GRAFTYS) as CFO in a highly regulated sector. She internalized the finance function, set up management control and appropriate accounting and financial procedures. After implementing an improved cash flow forecasting system, she developed business plans for investors. She also managed and secured the Research Tax Credits, which represents an important part of  financing for innovative companies. During all these years, she was the contact person for auditors, banks, investors, tax and social inspectors.

Her values : Pragmatism, Openness, Efficiency, Integrity, Trust